Founded in 2006, RS ™ Breakers & Controls is an Original Equipment Supplier offering the largest inventory of new, reconditioned and used-tested electrical equipment in Canada. RS ™ specializes in life-extension solutions for multigenerational switchgear and power distribution systems, providing custom upgrades and turn-key solutions for aging electrical infrastructure. We are your source for new and vintage products, like for-like replacements, accredited reconditioning and ANSI safety testing, retrofit upgrades and even fully customized builds! We stock Molded Case Circuit Breakers, MCC Buckets and Motor Controls, Air Breakers, Panel Switches, Bus Plugs, Distributions Panel Boards, Transformers, and so much more! At RS ™, we are dedicated in providing superior customer service, available for emergency support 24/7. With warehouse locations in both Ontario and Saskatchewan, we are continuously expanding to serve you better!

I learned the value of honest and authentic business practices from an early age. My father is a master electrician/entrepreneur, and at his side I developed and honed my technical skills. My mother worked as an electrical wholesaler, helping me navigate my first job at age 15, and teaching me the value of education and customer support. Over the last 20 years I have built RS Breakers & Controls from scratch. Today, we have proudly expanded into a large team of skilled, knowledgeable members of the electrical industry, with multiple RS locations serving all of Canada. 

This industry is filled with amazing, hard-working, and talented people who understand that selling electrical products is more than a typical “9-to-5 job”; it is a real passion to serve others and the community. When I founded RS ™ Breakers & Controls, I made it my mission to fill my team with people who share my love of this trade. Safety is a cornerstone of my business, which is why every product sold through RS ™ Breakers & Controls is tested to industry standards, regardless of where the product originated. I refuse to compromise on quality. Whether helping a contractor with an emergency in the middle of the night or finding new and creative ways to build relationships with our customers, I strive to provide the best experience possible, and I expect nothing less from every member of my team. Though the world is changing around us, our commitment to you remains the same. Care. Support. Guaranteed. The RS ™ Difference. Rishi Sudan, President of RS ™ Breakers & Controls Rishi Sudan

RS Breakers & Controls was founded in 2006 by President, Rishi Sudan. Fueled by his unique memory and expertise on vintage products, RS quickly developed a strong company with expert technicians as a source for contractors and purchasers to call for quick information!

RS Breakers & Controls is an Original Equipment Supplier and we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service by providing customized solutions for your needs and budget. Our 35,000 square foot warehouse stocks over 100,000 products including MCC Wrapper/Buckets, Panel Switches, Circuit Breakers, Bus Plugs, Distribution Panel Boards, and so much more. No project is too big or too small, we stock products of all amperages and voltages to serve residential, commercial, and industrial needs. We are your source for new, “Like for Like” swaps, vintage electrical apparatus, and even customized builds.

Our warehouse includes a state-of-the-art testing facility that allows RS to maintain a standard in the Canadian market for quality control. By reiterating the necessity of thorough safety testing and providing comprehensive testing reports, you can be sure that the quality and safety of your purchase will be exceptional.

Servicing North America

Located in Mississauga Ontario, RS Breakers & Controls has built an extensive logistics network in order to service customers around the globe, sometimes within hours!


RS Breakers & Controls is uniquely positioned as a third party support for electrical power solutions, offering an extensive range of product lines across all major manufacturers. Our company specializes in electrical life extension solutions and follows the highest industry standards of safety testing. Excessive modifications and large-scale replacements are undermining the overall ability of the electrical sector to retain a qualified workforce, increasingly faced with the complex maintenance of mixed-generation power systems. By extending the life of vintage equipment, we safeguard the robust engineering of the past by integrating new technology for better functionality and evaluative monitoring into the future. RS is focused on creating a sustainable supply-chain, striving to avoid bias towards any single manufacturer and rather following best-fit technical and safety recommendations for each unique application. We are committed to offering safe, economical, adaptable solutions to fulfill both customer and electrical project needs.  It’s all part of The RS Difference. Care. Support. Guaranteed.

RS Breakers & Controls is dedicated to powering aging infrastructure as the leading source of knowledge, support, and electrical solutions for equipment of all vintages. Our values align with the foundational approach taken by previous generations in upholding the longevity and maintenance of electrical apparatus; namely by backing durably built, reliable, ethically responsible equipment with easy-to-learn, technically uniform, and transferable skillsets for future preservation. 

The RS™ Difference


RS Breakers & Controls is an Original Equipment Supplier with advanced technical expertise and an impressive selection of electrical equipment.

With a comprehensive inventory of Bus Plugs, Panel Boards and Switches, MCC Wrapper/Buckets, Circuit Breakers and much more, RS Breakers and Controls is YOUR leading source of new & vintage electrical apparatus.


Our 35,000 square foot warehouse is stocked with over 100,000 circuit breakers, MCC buckets, bus plugs, air breakers and more. New and used-tested with all levels of amperage and voltages from all manufacturers such as General Electric, Leeson, and even Square D!

A large inventory combined with an extensive logistics network of ground, rail, and air delivery allows us to ship coast to coast across North America within hours!