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Yes! For years we have been able to sell new breakers to customers at wholesale prices. We have a huge inventory of new, as well as used breakers in stock.

We provide full comprehensive test reports, every time. In most cases, your breaker will be primary injection tested as this is the only true way of testing a circuit breaker.

Test reports are how qualified companies prove every product has been tested. Most dealers don’t provide test reports as they either don’t test to consistent/regulated standards or possibly don’t test at all. It’s imperative to know you are buying from a qualified breaker dealer.

Most people picture counterfeit breakers in terms of manufacturing replicas overseas. However, the most common counterfeiting is breakers being relabeled with changes to amperage, KAIC, and voltage.
Due to the strict enforcement in Ontario by ESA, we have been able to work with manufacturers and inspectors to educate and prevent relabeling. However, from other countries, there has been a flood of relabeled breakers entering the market. At RS, we do our best to educate contractors, so they understand that buying online comes with very dangerous risks – and those risks increase when they are from foreign countries that don’t have the strict guidelines that protect us in Canada.

Always visit your breaker company before purchasing. If they don’t have test equipment such as primary injection test sets on their premises, they probably aren’t testing their products.

Yes, in fact we have the largest inventory of air breakers in Canada and can recondition them or supply parts to service shops across the country.

RS Breakers & Controls has almost every manufacturer’s buckets in stock and will custom wire them to any application. We have the fastest deliveries without added expenses.

Our approach to customer service is simple…we give the customer what they ask for! We don’t need to create delays by asking unnecessary questions and causing setbacks.

It’s our job, as a supplier, to know the product in depth so technicians and purchasers don’t need to worry about constantly searching for more and more information. We can tell what a breaker is just by looking at the trigger or can identify a motor control centre vintage just by the handle.

We know the products, and that’s what makes us a powerful partner that can increase efficiencies for your company.

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